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Product, Shipping and Return Policy

Product Policies

Product variance:

Foam is made under varied environmental and process conditions. As a result, there will always be slight deviations on the foam’s color and texture from insert to insert. We strive to send the most consistent products, but we reserve the right to not offer refunds/exchanges due to color or texture variations.

Manufacturing tolerances and accuracy:

Our foam thickness tolerance is ±10% of nominal material thickness. So for ½” thick foam, it can be between .450 to .550 inches thick

Product tolerance: Our laser systems are accurate to ±.020” not including the errors associated with digitize the paper traces. Those errors are a direct function of the quality of the customer provided drawings

Manufacturing lead time:

For orders under $300 dollars, 90% of our orders are shipped out within 3 business days of order confirmation. This is by no means a guarantee on manufacturing lead time. If there will be any delays in manufacturing, we always inform our customers in a prompt fashion.

For ultra time sensitive projects, we offer a rush order service. Please view the content below on rush orders.

For orders over $300, leadtimes are calculated on a case-by-base basis. If you have any questions on large order lead times, please reach out to us.

Shipping Policies

Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges are determined by the size, weight of your order,the shipping method selected, location and any special delivery options which include but is not limited to insurance, saturday delivery excluding applicable sales tax.

Shipping Providers

Our shipping providers are UPS,USPS and Fedex

Shipping Insurance

By default all of our shipments are shipped with no insurance. If you prefer to have insurance, please reach out to us directly prior to ordering.

Shipping Times

Once a package is handed to the delivery/logistics provider, it is outside of our control, and in the hands of the shipping provider. Shadowbox Tools is not responsible for any missed deadlines , lost production due to errors caused by shipping partners and their respective errors.

The shipping times displayed on the website are only estimates and by no means in any way shape or form guarantees on delivery date. If you need shipping time guarantees, please review the terms for each specific shipping service, as well as contacting us for current lead times and rush order options.

International Shipments

We offer international shipping. We ship all packages DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid), meaning the customer would be responsible for any additional charges incurred including but not limited to import taxes, customs charges, and tariffs. To initiate an international order, please email us. We are working on making international orders possible via the website.

Hours of operation:

Our operating days are Monday through Friday. We reserve the weekends for spending time with our family,friends and writing software to make Shadowbox Tools even better.

Rush orders:

Rush order service is available. We charge a minimum rush order fee of $150 dollars or 75% of the order subtotal, whichever is higher. For example, a $90 dollar order will have a $150 dollar rush fee applied to it. A $2000 dollar order subtotal will have a $1500 dollar rush order fee applied.

Please email us if you need to initiate a rush order, we can give you exact dates and shipment times. In rush order mode, we will run our lasers 24/7 to get your order shipped out ASAP.

Return Policy and Cancellations

General Refund Policy

Due to the custom nature of the products that Shadowbox Tools sells, we do not offer refunds on our products. If there are any manufacturing or workmanship issues, please reach out to us, we will be happy to resolve any problems.

Refunds due to customer induced errors

We do not offer refunds on orders that is due to customer derived errors. This includes but is not limited to :

  • Providing the wrong sizes on paper trace image processing service
  • Providing the wrong CAD files or order specifications such as material
  • Providing and approving low quality tool outline traces for manufacturing

During our emailed order confirmation step, we provide our customers with renders, physical size callouts, and foam material stack definitions. We encourage our customers to double check and triple check all the information prior to giving manufacturing approval.

Order Cancellations

Due to short lead time nature of our business, once orders are submitted and the customer confirms the renders, we cannot provide guarantees on order cancellation. Please email us ASAP if you need to cancel after confirming your order. If no material has been cut, we will happily cancel the entire order. If we are mid-way through processing the order, we will charge and/or ship you the material that has been cut.