Assembly Instructions

Find a clean workspace

  • A plain table works great
  • Source a small blade or X-acto knife

Place charcoal foam

  • Put the adhesive side facing towards the ceiling

Remove adhesive backing

  • Use your blade to lift the white protective paper covering
  • Avoid touching the adhesive directly
  • Don't remove the adhesive from the tool outline drops
  • There are small preforations between the foam drops and your insert, you can precut the white liner, or just tear it at the boundary
  • Typically takes less than 5 minutes per insert

Place bottom foam

  • Make sure all 4 corners line up correctly
  • Do not apply any pressure
  • If not, gently lift and reposition

Apply Pressure

  • Place 5-10 lbs of force with your hands over the entire insert area
  • A solid roller can be used instead, if available
  • Pressure activates the adhesives, it takes 24 hours achieve full strength

Remove Drops

  • The foam centers are left to protect against shipping damage
  • They are held in by a small slice of material, it plucks out.

Assembled toolbox foam inserts

Your done.

  • Install the Shadowbox insert in your drawer
  • Add your tools
  • Enjoy your newfound productivity and organization