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Custom Laser Cut Foam Organizers.

Fast and Easy.

FOD prevention tool control

How it works

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1.Capture Tool Outlines

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2.Upload Photo

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3. We Make it

10 mm socket

Stop Searching for that 10mm

We will never admit how much time we spent searching for tools.
Neither should you.

Toolbox foam insert cut by hand

There must be a better way

It started with cutting foam organizers by hand.

One problem.

It took forever and never looked good.

We did something about it.

Base Ingredients

Computer screen with code

Custom Software

What we wanted, did not exist.

So we built it are building it.

Closed cell 4lb Polyethylene Foam for toolbox shadowing

Polyethylene Foam. Closed Cell.

Not sure what this means?

Don't worry. We do.

Doesn't absorb liquids.
Resists most chemicals.

Laser Beams.

Lasers cut foam. We like lasers. You probably do too.

Computer controlled.
Crisp, clean and square.

The Result

CNC tool control kitting foam

Be organized. All the time.

Spend more time on what matters the most.
And less time searching for your tools.