Got questions? Here are some answers.

Layout/Tracing Questions

What's the minimum spacing between tools?

0.25". Although we recommend a healthier .5" gap

I traced a tool crooked and too close to another tool, what now?

After you upload your traced paper, you can rotate and shift your tools via our built-in 3d viewer/editor.
(Everything works directly in your browser, no installation needed)

Should I draw in finger holes?

We recommend not to do this . You can add fingerholes in the 3D viewer/editor tool.

What kind of pen should I use for tracing?

We recommend using a Sharpie Ultra-fine point marker.
But really any instrument that produces dark bold lines works well.

Does the type of paper matter?

Nope. Blank posterboards from big-box retailers are cost-effective and work well.

What kind of quality/fit should I expect?

The quality of your inserts is direct function of the quality of your tracing.
Any time you see a black line on your trace, that is what the laser is going to cut.

Foam Questions

What colors do you offer?

We only offer charcoal foam on the top, and red foam on the bottom.

How thick is the foam?

The top foam layer with the actual cutouts is 0.5", the bottom color contrasting foam layer is 0.25".

What kind of foam is it? Specifically.

4lb cross-linked polyethylene. It has a hard felt-like consistency to it. If you are looking for something specific, reach out to us.

What's the biggest foam size you can cut?


Order Questions

Is there a minimum order?

Nope. 1 or 100 inserts. It's all the same.

Does the number of tool cutouts affect price?

Nope. It's only affected by the overall insert area.

I just submitted my order. Now what?

Within 24 hours we will review the order, and send you renders. After your confirmation, we will manufacture it.
If you have any questions, or want to cancel the order. Just send us an email.

Can I just send you a 2D CAD file and have you cut it?

Of course! We charge based on the overall area.

1/4" thick red foam: 3 cents per square inch
1/2" thick charcoal foam: 4 cents per square inch

No setup fees. No extra charge based on number/length of cuts.

Just email us your CAD file, and we handle it from there.

How much is shipping?

Whatever USPS/UPS charges us. Typically $6-$30, varies with size and shipping location.

Create a foam insert and proceed to checkout. You will see a real-time shipping price.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Email us with your order information, we will manually process the order. We ship DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid, meaning you are responsilble for the import and customs fees). We are working on supporting international orders on the website.

I thought I could just take a picture of tools, what happened? Why do we need to trace?

Working only from an image of tools is big cookie to chew. We are still chewing it.
We are offering the trace method, to help solve our customer's problems now.

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Can I do something a little different? Like a Pelican case?

Yes! But you would need to send us all the CAD cut files for the job. Reach to us with any questions.

You didn't answer my question.

Shoot us an email.

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