How it works

Our singular goal at Shadowbox Tools is to get you organized with custom foam inserts.
This can happen in a few ways.

Paper Trace Method

Trace your tools on paper, then edit digitally on your computer.
No software installs needed

View paper trace details

Direct Capture Method

Layout your tools and take a photo of it.

This is an experimental product

We just released this product and it's currently in an experimental state. Please click the button below for more details

View direct capture details

Send in CAD file

CAD File Submission

Send us .dxf or .svg formatted CAD files. We make an insert to your exact design.

We are working on slick interface to upload CAD files to the website.
Pricing is consistent with the rest of the site.
In the time being, email us the files at

Shadowboard with rectangular cutouts

Auto Generated Foam Inserts

Great for custom sized general purpose organization.
Enter your sizes, and instantly create your general purpose organizers

View Circular Grid Product

View Rectangular Grid Product

Looking for something more?

We are constantly working on new products and features for Shadowbox Tools.
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