Paper Trace

Get custom made tool control inserts. No special hardware needed.

How it works

Tape Measure and Sharpie

1.Get Supplies

  • Ultra-fine point Sharpie
  • White Poster Paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors

1.Cut Paper To Size (Optional)

  • Make it the size of the drawer
  • The paper must be white
  • Note the height and width

Note: Cutting the paper to size helps during layout. You can use a standard poster size and do your traces. Try to bias your tracing to the top left corner for the best results.

The foam size can be set after you see the 2d render from the tool below.

3. Trace Tools

  • Tilt marker to get better fitting outlines
  • Layout tools with at least 1/2" spacing
  • Don't worry about finger holes.You add it on the website
  • Make sure all contours are fully closed

4. Take Photo

  • Hold camera flat
  • Use dark colored background for best results.

5. Upload and Edit

  • Upload photos at the bottom of this page
  • Adjust spacing and rotation via our 3d editor

Create your Paper Trace organizer below:

Download Sample Image

If there any issues with the image processing, feel free to email us, we will look over the image and give tips and recommendations for your image. Please view our best practices above, before starting your paper trace.

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