Direct Capture

Create custom shadowboards for your tools.
No tracing. No special hardware.
Camera and Coins

1.Get your tools

  • Smartphone or camera
  • 4 coins
  • Tape Measure

2.Organize Drawer

  • Measure drawer size
  • Layout tools with at least 1/2" spacing
  • Place coins in the corners
  • Avoid sockets or tall objects. Click HERE to see more tips.

3. Capture and Verify

  • Hold camera parallel to the drawer
  • Upload your photo to the website
  • Verify and edit tool outlines for the best fit

4. Edit in 3d and submit

  • Adjust the layout and add finger holes in our 3D editor
  • Submit your order
  • We'll process your order

This is an experimental product

We encourage you upload some images and play with the direct capture product. Even order an insert or 2.

If you have any questions, please talk us before investing a substantial amount of time creating your order.
  • We highly encourage reading our best practices before starting. Located HERE.
  • More so than usual, we reserve the right to cancel an order after submission if we feel that the quality/fit will be subpar.
  • We don't recommend using this product for mission critical or high volume orders at this time.
  • Use a smart phone to take the photo, but actually do the upload via a normal computer. At this exact moment, the outline editor doesn't support touch devices

If you're using our experimental tool, and run into any bugs or just have suggestions. Please reach out to us at We would love to hear your thoughts!

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